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Favorite Links

Lifestyles and Recreation Free Greetings
Free e-greeting cards for every possible occasion you can think of -- and many for occasions you never knew existed.

Aging Hipsters
A must-see for any baby-boomer. A collection of current boomer obsessions, lifestyle quirks, and lots of humor.

All Movie Guide
Searchable listing of more than 131,000 film titles, 200,000 cast members, and 12,000 biographies. Books
Over one million book titles searchable by keyword, author, title, and subject.

American Numismatic Association
The leading non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the collection and study of coins in the world.

American Philatelic Society
For investors and collectors of postage stamps. Founded in 1886, the APS currently has over 56,000 members in 110 countries.

American Red Cross
Helps you locate a local chapter and makes it easy for you to donate blood and volunteer.

American Rose Society
Expert rosarians can answer your questions about planting, watering, pruning, fertilizing, spraying, cutting, arranging, and exhibiting roses.

Automobile Consumer Services
Professional car-buying and car-leasing assistance and advocacy. "Right on the price, right on the corner. Very low mileage. Used by a little old Webmaster to go to his home page and back. Never driven in heavy Internet traffic."

Baseball Links
The Web's most comprehensive collection of links to baseball resources. There are currently more than 11,500 unique links indexed in more than 30 categories. If you can't find what you're looking for, it probably doesn't exist. Strike three!

Baseball Think Factory
“Baseball for the thinking fan.” This site’s objective is to bring together a wide variety of voices to discuss baseball. Visitors should feel free to agree or disagree with any or all of the site’s writers, but the hope is that the site will at least make you think a little along the way. The site’s primary focus is on what’s happening on the field at the present time, though articles focusing on baseball's past and off-the-field issues will also be presented.
One of the best resources on the Web for Blackjack basic strategies, customized to fit the game offered at any particular casino.

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards
Choose from a huge selection of electronic greeting cards and send one to your special someone for free!
This site displays annual calendars through 2015 (subject to change). This can be very useful if you are looking for a specific holiday date, for vacation planning, or when your child is next up for his or her parole hearing. You can also use this site to find out when a particular day or date in a given year occurs. Holidays are listed below each calendar. Included on the site are moon-phase calendars, holidays, world clocks, sunrise and sunset times, and a calculator to compute the amount of time between two dates.

Cheapskate Monthly
Dedicated to helping those who are struggling to live within their means find practical and realistic solutions for their financial problems.

Chess on the Internet
The Internet Chess Club, with 30,000 members, is administered by chess enthusiasts dedicated to maintaining high standards of privacy, sportsmanship, and the integrity of the rating system. ICC has more members, more Grandmasters, and more volunteers than any other classical game service on the Internet. This site is among the best on the Internet for people to play and learn together. Try the ICC for a seven-day free trial; memberships start at $29.00 for six months.

Cookbooks Online
Register for free access to over one million recipes located in the searchable recipe database.

Cool Savings
Big savings from your favorite stores, restaurants and travel companies. If you love coupons and discounts, you'll love this site!
More than 200,000 items are added daily to this incredible "personal trading community," or what most of us refer to as an auction house. A "must see" for any Web surfer.

Expanded Polystyrene Supplies
Sells a variety of products suitable for model-making, as well as designing large-scale models for exhibitions.

Fix Your VCR
If your idea of repairing your VCR is to purchase a new one, then point your remote control to this site. Enough information to transform you into an above-average VCR owner. Read the introductory material first to familiarize yourself with terms of the trade; then find your VCR in the comprehensive database and learn to fix its most common problems.

Free Stuff on the Net
Free Stuff on the Net A categorized collection of freebies on the Web. This portal of penny paucity presents plentiful pranks, prizes, pictures, puzzles, and plenty o’perks. The site is updated daily.

Free online games, downloadable games, and cash games. Games include Frantic Fish, Bubble Popper, Bottle Rocket, Jewel Quest, Three-Eyed Bingo, and many other games you’ve never heard of, either.
Sponsored by "Garden Escape" magazine, this site is blooming with information about hundreds of flowers, vegetables, and herbs, as well as planting tips, gardening, and landscaping.

Geneaology Gateway
A portal to thousands of genealogy-related resources. Get started by clicking the Beginner Gateway, then explore all the other gateways, including Census, Ethnic, Family, Military, Obituary, Professional, Scottish, Surname, and more. Other sections let you search by surname, check out Ancestral Homepages, or post a link to your own family Web page.

Here's to the Holidays!
If you're in the holiday spirit, but feel like doing something a little different this year, have I got a site for you! At you'll find a collection of multimedia holiday celebrations on the Web, including holiday histories, games, and related activities. ‘Tis the season!

Hobby Lobby, The
Dedicated to the sales (and culture) of radio-controlled and remote-controlled electric airplanes, 3D aerobatic planes, scale war bird and military aircraft, remote-controlled model sailplanes, scale gliders, glow engine model airplanes (don’t ask), electric remote-controlled helicopters, boats, sail boats and model ships.

A one-stop source for Lottery information. So do you feel lucky?

Internet Movie Database
Part of, IMDb's objective is to provide useful and up to date movie information. The database of film titles and filmography entries is huge -- enough to cause any movie buff to reel in disbelief!
Is any further description really necessary? I think not.
A high-tech way to meet others. boasts over 5,000 new profiles weekly with members around the world, though concentrated in the United States. lets you search for a match by location, age, religion, and even eye color. Making contact with another party is easy and safe using's emailing service which automatically removes all e-mail addresses from messages, ensuring the anonymity of all members.

Mr. Cranky's Movie Reviews
His name alone captures perfectly the style of these entertaining movie reviews.

Natural Handyman, The
Hundreds of how-to articles about home repairs of all types.

Paperback Book Club
Savings of up to 60% off publishers' hardcover prices. Join QPB to receive excellent prices on a wide variety of discount paperbacks. Various membership plans are available, so visit the site for complete information.

Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes
Feel free to enter the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes every day from the Internet, if you wish. You will first have to check out a magazine category, but there are a vast selection of titles and interest groups presented, as well as bonus prizes.

Reader's Digest
"Bringing you a world of entertainment and information."

ReserveAmerica Campgrounds
The largest provider of campsite reservations in North America, facilitating millions of transactions each year. Happy camping!

RetailMeNot Coupons and Discount Codes
The world's (and possibly the galaxy's) largest digital coupon marketplace. Find money-saving coupons and discount codes from thousands of retailers. According to the site, it welcomed more than 500,000 visitors in the past 12 months. Yikes! That's almost as much traffic as receives! (That's called sarcasm.)

This site, sponsored by the San Jose Scrabble Club, is a treasure trove of two- and three-letter words, and J, Q, X, and Z words.

Sudoku Mania
Sudoku (or Su Doku) is the latest addiction to hit puzzle-obsessed fans worldwide. The objective is simple and there's only one rule: Fill in every grid so that every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. That's it. Several digits are provided to start things off. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill in the other numbers without changing the digits already provided. Solving time averages 10 to 30 minutes. Download a free 28-day trial program, purchase it for $14.95, or mouse on over to Web Sudoku ( where you can play online. The online version is nice because you can click the "How am I doing?" button for some additional assistance.

Sunrises and Sunsets
Type in a city and find out time of sunrise, sunset and more.

TV Guide
This family favorite is on the Internet. Also contains a gallery of past TV Guide cover photos and an archive of TV Guide crossword puzzles.

Taste the Pain
Sorry, this is not a bondage site, but a no-pain, no-gain site dedicated to the masochistic purveyors of the world's spiciest hot sauces. Hundreds of sauces, marinades and mustards for your consideration and purchase. With names like Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally, trust me, you won't be mistaking these puppies for Aunt Martha's apple jelly.

The 19th Hole
Tips from the golf practice tee, PGA tournament updates and a newsstand that includes statistics, previews, reviews and good-natured observations. If it’s related to golf, you’ll find it here: Golf equipment, gifts, instructional help, a cure for the yips, or if you just want to watch a great golf movie, it’s all at the 19th Hole.

Vegetarian Resource Group
Recipes, nutritional information, cookbooks, travel information and the Vegetarian Game!

Volunteer Match
Helping individuals nationwide find volunteer opportunities posted by local nonprofit and public sector organizations. Search thousands of one-time and ongoing opportunities by zip code, category, and date.

Zagat Restaurant Survey
America's best, lip-smacking dining guide, with rankings and reviews by restaurant-goers in New York, Paris and other cities.