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Computers and the Internet

@ Backup
Using your Internet connection, @Backup performs automatic backups of your hard drive data. 30-day free trial.

Anonymous Surfing
Keeps your e-mail address anonymous. A long-standing Internet service, allows you to post anonymously to newsgroups or other Internet venues. Remailing services that host abusive or lawbreaking correspondents are usually shut down, so be nice!

Apple Computers
Lest anybody think that IBM-type personal computers are the only digital game in town, visit this site for information about Apple Computers and related products. - Software Downloads
If you're concerned about the dangers of downloading free games and apps, then is the place for you. The huge variety of free games and apps, with secure downloads for each makes it arguably the biggest and the best software download Web site. The site's online database is categorized, rated and reviewed based on a proprietary categorization system and ranked by users as well as by a team of expert editors.

Calculators Online
More than 20,000 calculators: Agricultural, Astronomy, Cleaning, Insurance, Pets (Cats, Dogs and Horses), Photographic, Physics, and Religious. More calculators than you can throw a slide rule at.

Computer Help Directory - /etc/help
Answers to common and uncommon computer questions are readily accessible in this computer help directory. Categories include Acronyms, Interfaces, Maintenance, Networking, Software, Terminology, Video, with additional categories coming. User contributions are welcome for both questions and answers.

Dear EmilyPostnews
The foremost authority on proper Internet behavior, provides her advice on how to act on the net. Pinkies up!

Dell Computers
Purchase a configured computer system or build one yourself online with exactly the features you need. Great site and fun to use!

Donate Used Computers
The Used Computer Mall provides information about and links to a number of non-profit organizations dedicated to recycling computers, office equipment, and other technology related items.

Download Calculator
Enter the size of the file to be downloaded, select your modem speed, and determine whether you have time to make a sandwich during the download process.
One of the biggest directories of downloadable software on the Web. Look for software for almost any use you can imagine. Software is sorted by application category and by operating system. Also included are reviews and ratings, as well as lists of the most frequently downloaded programs.

DownloadAstro (Find Software)
For users searching for free software/apps for Windows and other operating system computers and devices. Hundreds of thousands of software and games, including professional reviews and user ratings.

Invaluable for locating live video cameras on the Internet. Browse sites by category or by geographical region.

Mr. Modem’s top favorite, “my-life-would-be-over-without-it” email program, followed closely by Mozilla “on-second-thought-life’s-not-too-bad” Thunderbird.

FTP Software (File Transfer Protocol)
Try before you buy WS_FTP software at this location.

File Extensions Library
A searchable, daily-updated, computer filename extension database containing thousands of file extensions records. Every extension entry contains information about the file extension, a short description of the filetype, and programs that use them. You can quickly search by extension, or click to view file type categories including audio and music files, multimedia, graphic and image file types, and many more.

Gateway Computers
Love their "cow" boxes!

Besides having one of the shortest Web addresses on the Internet, here you can obtain information about HP products, including printers, scanners, software, software updates, drivers, computers and more.

Okay, so it's another short Web address. Big Blue's big site is the place to start to obtain information about their 40,000+ products, services, solutions, etc.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Search
A search engine for web hosting and Internet access services. If you need to find the best service provider with the best price, this is the place!

Quicken, QuickBooks and related products. If you're really intuit -- financial software, that is, this is the site for you.

Iomega Zip Drives
Makers of Zip drives, Jaz drives and other data storage devices -- which is my diplomatic way of saying, "I'm not sure what else they make." I've been using their Zip drives since the late 50s, though. Excellent.

Pick up your e-mail messages from any POP3 e-mail account. (Hint: Most e-mail programs use the POP3 protocol.) There's no fee for this service and no need to register. Just type in your e-mail address and your password to get your messages from any computer with Web access

MailWasherPro Software
Mr. Modem’s favorite spam-management program. Using MWP adds a step to the mail-checking process, but it's time well spent if your objective is to get a handle on spam. The mail-checking routine using MailWasher Pro consists of the following steps: Launch MailWasher Pro, click Check Mail. A list of mail residing on your ISP's server (or servers, if you have multiple accounts) is presented on screen. Designate the messages you want to receive, the ones you want to blacklist, what you want treated as spam in the future, etc. When you're done, click Process Mail. MWP will delete all the spam and other messages you don't want from your ISP's mail server. Close MailWasher Pro, launch your usual mail program, and retrieve your mail as you normally would. Only the "good stuff" will be retrieved, making more efficient use of your time and keeping all the "bad stuff" away from you and off your computer.

McAfee VirusScan Online
One of the premier virus-checking programs. Download a trial version or updates for registered users. Click Virus Information to learn about the latest virus craze sweeping the Internet. Be sure to also visit the Virus Hoax Library next time you receive an e-mail proclaiming the end of the digital world due to a new virus.

Products, support, news, information, newsletters, bulletins, downloads (including Internet Explorer), and more.

Home of the Netscape Web browser. You can purchase copies of Netscape software from this site or download a free trial version.

Newsgroup Directory
Meganetnews provides anonymous access to more than 55,000 Usenet Newsgroups.

Old Version
There are few things more disheartening than discovering that your computer is not compatible with a new version of software you just installed. A possible exception might be installing a new version, only to discover that it takes up twice as much room as the prior version, and most of your favorite features were replaced, moved, or renamed. I hate it when that happens! Regardless of the situation, if you would like to return to the simplicity of an older version, but you no longer have the installation file, this Web site is a lifesaver. Here you'll find an archive of hundreds of old versions of software programs.

Opera Web Browser
Not free, but a viable alternative Web browser for older or slower computers. Just a fraction of the size of Netscape or IE, yet laden with features. Take it for a free test drive!

A community-run online review directory with thousands of reviews, mostly relating to consumer electronics products and computers. Users can add links to reviews of any type of product or service. The directory is self-policing, meaning that the users have the ability to edit what appears in the directory, and links to pages that are not reviews are quickly removed and those who post such items are hunted down and punished harshly.

Spyware & Adware Information
Everything you could possibly want to know about spyware and adware (yes, there is a difference!), plus reviews and recommendations for spyware/adware protection and lots of other helpful articles and related resources.

Stolen Computer Database
A free registry and look-up resource for stolen computers. Check and see if yours is listed. Sponsored by the American Computer Exchange.

Sybex, Inc.
Publisher of the finest books about computers in the universe...maybe the galaxy. If you don't believe me, I submit for your review and consideration, the book you hold in your hands at this very moment. May we have it marked as Exhibit A, Your Honor?

The List
Locate Internet Service Providers, searchable by area code.

An outstanding, user-friendly archive of downloadable, older versions of popular freeware and open-source software titles. In additions to a search function, titles are organized by category, including Audio and Video, Browsers and Desktop, Communication and IM, File Sharing, FTP and Compression, Security and Antispyware. User reviews, ratings, detailed descriptions, change logs, screenshots and a VersionDownload blog are all featured on the site. If a specific title isn't available, users are encouraged to submit one.

Virus Myths and Hoaxes
A comprehensive database of computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, virtual hysteria. An excellent place to turn when you receive those alarmist “Tell everybody you know!” type email messages.

Web ISP List
Simple Search by U.S. or Canadian area code. Use the Power Search to select the modem or connection speed desired. Continue to refine your searching until you find the perfect ISP for you or until you get disconnected, whichever comes first.

Whois Domain Registration Database
Type in the domain name to determine if it's registered and if so, to whom.