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Investments and Finance

American Stock Exchange
Daily market summaries dating back to June 1995. Also includes weekly reviews and reports of domestic and international market activity.

Bank Rate Monitor
Information about worldwide bank rates for savings and various types of loans.

Better Business Bureau
This site posts daily alerts and news about potential scams, a database of information about businesses, and reports and information about charities.

Big Charts
Comprehensive and easy-to-use online charting and investment research. Provides access to interactive charts, quotes, reports and indicators on more than 50,000 stocks, mutual funds and market indexes.

Bloomberg Personal
News and information for online investors.

Dynamically updating Real-Time stock quotes, options, news stories, and interactive charting. Starting at approximately $25/month you can create a personal scrolling ticker that monitors your portfolio.

CD Rate Scanner
Compare interest rates for CD's from over 3,000 financial institutions. You can also purchase a CD directly through this site.

Chambers of Commerce Directory
Searchable by state and city for specific chamber of commerce Web sites.

Cheapskate Monthly
Dedicated to helping those who are struggling to live within their means find practical and realistic solutions for their financial problems.

Consumer World
Consumer tips to protect yourself in business dealings along with more than 1,500 links to consumer information and reference sites.

Cool Savings
Big savings from your favorite stores, restaurants and travel companies. If you love coupons and discounts, you'll love this site!

Coupon Cabin
More than 1500 money-saving coupons and smokin' deals! CouponCabin is dedicated to finding and hand-picking the top Internet savings. Its directory of online coupons, discounts and promotional codes are updated daily. More than 500 online stores are monitored daily. For outstanding deals delivered to your inbox, sign up for the weekly CouponCabin newsletter. Nice people, great site, super savings. It just doesn't get much better than this.
If you're interested in saving money -- and who isn't? -- you won't want to miss the hundreds of coupons available on this easy-to-navigate, regularly updated Web site. Coupons are segregated into 15 categories, ranging from Baby Stuff to Travel Services, plus there are sections for "Hot Coupons," "New Coupons," "Expiring Coupons," as well as "Free Shopping." Be sure to sign up for the Coupon Alert newsletter when you visit the site.

Credit Reports
Specializing in residential mortgage credit reports.

Currency Converter
Want to know how many Zloties to the Markka or want to change your Renmimbis into Rupiahs? This is the site for you!
Provides deposit interest rate information from around the world including by country, region or currency. It also includes a currency converter and banking glossary.

Offering secure online stock and options trading since 1992, with E*Trade you pay $14.95 for listed market orders and $19.95 for NASDAQ orders. Free stock market, mutual fund, and other quotes during the day with a 20-minute delay from all exchanges.
A search engine that searches more than 45 Web sites and 10,000 libraries worldwide for free and swappable items given away by people who no longer need them. Included are items for trade such as books, sports equipment, antiques, automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, CDs and DVDs, computers, property, seeds/gardening supplies, and lots more.
Delayed and realtime stock quotes and market news.

Happy Coupons
Leave your scissors in the drawer! This site provides great coupons from hundreds of merchants and reailtors. Check out the Hot Coupons section for the most popular money-saving coupons.

IRS Forms and Publications
When you're armed with the correct instructions, the right forms and all the pertinent publications, your tax preparation and filing problems will be a lot less taxing. Here you'll find mind-numbing, eye-glazing information galore, courtesy of the IRS. A great site to visit if you ever have insomnia.

Practical information relating to all kinds of insurance.

The Quicken InsureMarket site can provide you with realtime quotes on a variety of insurance needs, all without the necessity of having to speak with an insurance agent. Could it be any better? The Risk Evaluator is a fun way to determine how likely your model of car is to be stolen and how your area ranks for hit-and-run and drunk-driving accidents.

Investing for Kids
An unusual site designed by children, intended for children, but it also presents the basics of investing in an easy-to-understand manner for novice adult investors, as well.
Launched in late 2010, this free site was created for individuals who want to save money, while simultaneously helping to generate charitable contributions. The site features deals such as Best Buy coupons, 1-800-Flowers promotional codes, Harry & David coupons, promo codes, and hundreds more. Site profits come from retailers' referral fees paid to KindCoupons as customers redeem coupons and deal offers. 50 percent of the profits generated are donated to charity.

Kiplinger OnLine
Consumer, business and financial news. Also included within this site is a section entitled Calculators which can assist you with your computations regarding a variety of home, auto and credit card topics.

MSN Money
A wealth of business news and financial information that can help you manage your personal portfolio. Track the performance of your stocks and funds as well as chart the historical performance of stocks and funds of interest to you.

Motley Fool
The Motley Fool has risen from relative obscurity to become the most-consulted financial forum in the online world. If you haven't visited "The Fool," be sure to stop in and you'll soon understand why.
Enables you to create printable amortization schedules and charts. Simply type in the amount of your loan, annual interest rate, and the term (in years), and click the "Calculate Amortization Schedule" button.

If you're looking for a stock quote, probably no better site exists on the Web. This site provides daily information and your choice of charts ranging from six months to five years, as well as recent company news items relative to investors.

Online Fraud Prevention
Presented by Host Merchant Services, a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) with Visa U.S.A. and MasterCard International, this informative article offers sound advice to prevent identity theft, online scams, email scams, phishing, credit card fraud, and a variety of prevention resources.

PC Quote Online
Displays all the major market indices at a glance. With one mouse-click, you can watch market progress throughout the trading day. If you're a Microsoft Office 97 user, you can use PC Quote's modules built into Excel 97 to track up to 20 different stocks.

Research Magazine
Access to information on over 10,000 stocks and 5,000 mutual funds.

Retire Early
A financial site with a sense of humor. How to get the most out of your retirement years.
Customized stock screening, mutual fund information, comprehensive investment resources.

Tax Tips and Facts
By Roger A. Kahan, Certified Public Accountant

Tax Tips and Traps
A free quarterly newsletter published by Avery, Cooper & Co., Certified General Accountants

The Stock Market Game
Part of the Value Stock Guide's Tools for Teaching, The Stock Market Game provides market simulations that empower students to learn about the process of making good investments, It also provides a solid foundation for sound money management. The games are designed not only to be used in mathematics and economics, but also provide valuable lessons in social studies, language arts, technology and even science classes. It helps students expand their knowledge and gain new skills in investing, saving, communication, cooperation, research and decision making.

True Car Price Research
Helps consumers research new car prices and find below-sticker price deals in their area.

Yahoo! Finance
Links to a huge assortment of financial news and reference sites.