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Favorite Links

Government Links

Census Bureau, U.S.
Resources and statistics focusing on social, demographic, and economic information about the United States. Enough charts to make you choke. Click alphabetically listed categories or use the search engine to search by word, place or map.

Centers for Disease Control, United States
An agency of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, the CDC's mission is to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability.

Central Intelligence Agency
Lots of inside-agency statistics, but no Top Secret information. Oh, sure they could tell us, but then they'd have to kill us. Also includes a virtual tour of the agency's headquarters. If you take the tour, don't wander away from the tour group.

Commerce, U.S. Department of

Congressional Record Text
Search the full text of the Congressional Record. You can also browse "Congressional Record" issues by date or search through an alphabetical index of a publication by topic.

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Each year, millions of products are recalled. Here you'll find news and information about recalls and unsafe products.

Defense, U.S. Department of

Drudge Report, The
Part news, part gossip, part rumor, but entirely interesting!

Editorial Cartoons
All of the top newspaper editorial cartoonists in one location!

Education, U.S. Department of

Energy, U.S. Department of

FedWorld Information Network
A comprehensive central access point for searching, locating, ordering and acquiring government and business information. An agency of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.

Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Includes information about the 10 most-wanted fugitives, bureau investigations, law enforcement services and Bureau history.

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Judiciary

Federal Register
The "Federal Register" is the official publication for presidential documents and executive orders as well as notices, rules, and proposed rules from federal agencies and organizations.

Freedom of Information Act
This U.S. Secret Service site contains links to related sites as well as information detailing how to file a request for information under the FOIA.

Geographic Names Information System
Enter a town, city, landmark, or other item of interest in the "Feature name:" field under Query GNIS, and as much additional information as you have. Click the "Send Query" button and you'll quickly be up to your compass in geographical information. The GNIS also contains information on geographic names in Antarctica. How exciting is that? It gives me chills just thinking about it.

Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of
Includes publications, press releases and links to other government health and medical resources.

House of Representatives, U.S.
In addition to phone, mail and e-mail links to members' sites, you can keep current with bills and resolutions being considered in Congress.

Internal Revenue Service
A surprisingly entertaining Web site. I know, you're probably thinking Mr. Modem is trying to get a big tax refund, but that's not the case. The IRS's "The Digital Daily" online newspaper contains some excellent information, delivered in a good-spirited, slightly tongue-in-cheek manner. I give 'em an "A" for effort. Now, about that refund...

Justice, U.S. Department of

Labor Statistics, U.S. Bureau of

Labor, U.S. Department of

Land Management, U.S. Bureau of

Municipal Codes
Search for information ranging from leash laws to zoning ordinances. Sponsored by Municipal Code Corp. Start by selecting state, then city or municipality. Online Library search is free; $200/year for full code search access.

National Archives
A treasure-trove of historical information, documents and photographs.

National Library of Medicine
Includes links to searchable Medline and MedlinePlus information, as well as a host of related medical databases. Enough information to make you queasy.

National Weather Service
Obtain weather conditions for the past 24 hours, forecasts, watches, and warnings for the U.S. Includes radar graphics, weather maps, also International weather conditions, aviation and marine weather.

National Weather Service
Provides weather and flood warnings, public forecasts and advisories for all of the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, primarily for the protection of life and property.

Patent Searches
Provided by Delphion, can search and view patent documents from the U.S. and Europe as well as patent applications published by the World Intellectual Property Office. Free and fee-based searches.

Postal Service, U.S.
Who among us hasn't yearned to know what's happening today at the post office? Visit the "Unforgettable Letters" area to "explore the power, humor and drama of the written word." Includes "Dear Santa," President letters and love letters from famous people in history.

Prisons, U.S. Bureau of
Includes weekly population reports. No wagering, please.

Reclamation, U.S. Bureau of

Rulers of the World
Contains lists of heads of state and heads of government of all countries and territories, going back to at least 1900.

Senate, U.S.
Phone, mail, and e-mail addresses or links to senators and various Senate committees.

Smithsonian Institution
Museums, exhibits, resources, event schedules, publications and membership information

State Government Link Access
Links to all known state government Web sites. Courtesy of the IRS. (When is the last time you saw "courtesy" and "IRS" used in the same sentence?)

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
Named after Thomas Jefferson, this service tracks bills through the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. You can search for bills sorted by topic, title, and number, and follow any bill through the various committees.

Transportation, U.S. Department of

Veteran-Owned Businesses
Here you’ll find a comprehensive directory of more than 2,000 veteran-owned businesses. You can browse listed businesses by Category or State. 16 categories of businesses include everything from Aerospace to Technology. If you’re a veteran and would like to add your business, click the red “Sign Up Now” button and select the Basic Listing (which is free). Fill out the online forms and click “Submit Your Listing.” That’s all there is to it. Be sure to visit this site often and help support our veterans!

Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of
Benefits, programs, news, information, who to contact for help, where to go for help, VA Facilities, telephone numbers, bulletin boards, medical centers, clinics, regional offices, veteran centers and more.

White House, The
All sorts of government information, including access to Social Security, student aid, small business assistance, as well as a tour of the White House.

Who Funded the Campaign?
Brought to you by the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-partisan, non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. that specializes in the study of Congress and particularly the role that money plays in its elections and actions. Find out who's giving and who's getting.