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Savvy Shoppers
Mr. Modem's Favorite Web Sites

Scams, Hoaxes and Prevention
Beware: Top Online Scams

ScanDisk and Defrag
Running ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter

Search Engines
More than 80 of Mr. Modem's Favorites

Seniors on the Net
Senior Citizens Take the Internet by Storm

Seniors: Tips for Using Computers
Mr. Modem's Tips for Senior Citizens and Baby-Boomers

Shopping Online Safely: Mr. Modem's Top Ten Tips
Top Ten Basic Computer Tips Series

SP2 Update: The Adventure Begins
A Step-by-Step Narrative of the Installation

Coping With and Combating Spam

Spam Sleuth Review
Eliminate Spam at the Server Level

Special Characters
How to Make Special Characters - Accent marks, tildes, etc.

Start > Run Commands
Click Start > Run, then type in the command

Temporary Files
Managing Windows and Internet Explorer Temporary Files

Thanksgiving on the Net
A Bountiful Internet Harvest

Mr. Modem's Favorite Web Sites

Twittering or Frittering?
Editorial: Mr. Modem's Opinion

Vista: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Mr. Modem's Top Ten Vista Pros and Cons

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