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The following Web sites are among Mr. Modem's favorites in the Travel category. For even more of Mr. M's DMEs (Don't Miss 'Em) Web sites, click "Favorite Links" located to the left. Happy surfing!

Visa Card ATM Finder
MasterCard ATM Finder
Before traveling, try printing out a list of area ATM locations. Perfect for all Visa and MasterCard enthusiasts!

Driving Directions
Enter a starting address and a destination, then let MapQuest work its magic.

Cheap Tickets
Some of the best prices available anywhere on the Internet.

Outstanding resource for finding the fares, booking flights, rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and more.

Getting Through Customs
What to avoid wearing, saying or doing to prevent offending or confusing people when traveling abroad. Trust me: Never give a "thumbs up" sign of approval in Nigeria.

MapQuest - Get driving directions

Pets Welcome
More than 25,000 hotels, Bed & Breakfast Inns, ski resorts, campgrounds and beaches that will welcome Flurry or Fide with open paws.

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QuickAid Airport Information
Recipient of the coveted "Five Squeal" rating by Mr. Modem. This site features easy-to-read information about airport ground transportation, shops and services, hotels and even terminal maps.

Road Construction
An excellent source for as many traffic and road construction reports as any traveler could use. Provided by Rand McNally.

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