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Savvy Shoppers

The following Web sites are among Mr. Modem's favorites in the Savvy Shoppers category. For even more of Mr. M's DMEs (Don't Miss 'Em) Web sites, click "Favorite Links" located to the left. Happy surfing!

Before purchasing a used car, check out its history.

Consumer Search
Reviews of top-rated products and search-engine access to articles on any given product or service. The stated objective of this site is to reduce the time it takes you to make an intelligent purchase. According to Mrs. Modem, I have yet to make an intelligent purchase so this is definitely a site I have bookmarked for ongoing reference.

Read what other consumers have to say about specific products and services. offers more than one million reviews and comments and covers over 150,000 products and services to help you make better buying decisions.

Lower My Bills
If you've ever tried to compare long-distance phone charges, auto and health insurance or other moving targets, you'll love this site. Here you can shop for the best deals in nine categories, including mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, long-distance telephone service, Internet access, and more.

My Simon
Think of Simon as your personal online shopper. Whatever you're looking for, let Simon scour more than 2,000 online merchants and 32,000 off-line services and present to you comparison prices, descriptions, availability and more.

The Free Site
The largest and arguably the most popular site devoted to the topic of freebies on the Web. The site offers critical reviews of the Web's latest "must have" free product samples to free software to free services.

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