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Welcome to Mr. Modem's Web site! Here you'll find helpful how-to information, plus answers to frequently asked questions and frequently experienced computer problems. New articles are added on an ongoing basis, so stop back often! While you're here, why not subscribe to Mr. Modem's weekly computer-help newsletter? You won't be disappointed!

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Seniors on the Net - There are several ways in which learning how to use a computer and simply asking for computer help have enriched and expanded the lives of baby-boomers and seniors. Learn more.

Buying a New Computer - Technology has advanced so much during the past few years that any entry-level computer is going to have more than enough "horsepower" for the average computer user. Get more useful computer tips and tricks for buying your new computer.

Email Netiquette, Part 1 - Learn the Do's and Dont's of email netiquette in this four part series.

Email Netiquette, Part 2 - Part 2 of "Everything You Need to Know about Using Email: The New Netiquette."

Email Netiquette, Part 3 - More computer troubleshooting tips in Part 3 of "Everything You Need to Know about Using Email: The New Netiquette."

Email Netiquette, Part 4 - The conlusion of the four part series, "Everything You Need to Know about Using Email: The New Netiquette."